supertex (supertex) wrote in ljcarclub,

cuz everybody's doin it...

MY TOP 10 FAVORITE CARS OF THE DECADE (without repeat makers)

#10 - Dodge Viper SRT10
 the viper was my dream car when i was in high school

#9 - Bentley Brooklands
if i absolutely have to own a bentley, its this bitch right here

#8 - Maserati GranTurismo S cause the S makes it super of course!

#7 - Audi A5 yes, not the R8 cause i'm not a lambo fan, and that's what the R8 reminds me of

#6 - Ferrari 599 GTB yup, had to choose the 599 over the F430

#5 - NISSAN GTR one word. nurburgring.

#4 - 2010 PORSCHE PANAMERA ok, so technically this car falls into the next decade, but whatever

#3 - SLR MCLAREN ROADSTER quite possibly the world's most perfect supercar

#2 - ALFA ROMEO 8C can a car ever be art? ahem, yes. yes it can

#1 ASTON MARTIN DBS is beauty in the eye of the beholder? no. it is within the DBS

alright kids, i've shown you mine! time to tell your faves!
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