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Your No B.S. Sales Professional [20 Apr 2017|09:43am]

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Jaguar XF [23 Jan 2013|12:29am]


A few photos Jaguar XF from the Christmas trip to Europe

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Russian advertising Jaguar [04 Oct 2011|12:27am]

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Dilemma [28 Apr 2010|09:03am]

My daily driver car (in fact, my only car), is an '06 Mustang GT. I like it a lot. Okay, it's not the best-handling car, but at this point about 90% of my driving is on extended stretches of highway.

The '06 model year is from a sort of audio no-man's-land. It doesn't have a cassette player, because those were dead tech at the time. But it also doesn't have an auxiliary input jack, because not everybody in the entire world owned an mp3 player yet.

Here's the problem. I got the upgraded interior option with the fancier Shaker 500 stereo. But I'm still listening to the iPod over an FM adapter, which sort of sucks. The thing works okay, but the signal is so attenuated that the volume levels are really knocked back. If you turn up the volume even halfway if you're listening to a CD, it'll blast your ears off. But if you're listening to the transceiver's FM output, if you're on the highway with the windows down you can barely hear the thing over the wind roar even at full volume. It's pathetic.

So I have a few options, listed with their pros and cons.

1. The head unit has an auxiliary input, but it's not what you think, it's not a 1/8" jack in the front panel. It's a big multipin connector that's essentially a data bus for Ford vehicles. If you have a Ford head unit and you have factory satellite radio or seatback DVD players or any of that crap, it's the control interface for those. There are companies that make interface patch boxes that let you add either an aux input that'll take anything you can plug in as an audio connection, or dedicated iPod interface boxes that'll even let you control the iPod with the factory head unit.

Pros: Probably the cheapest way to go, abougt $75-100 for the adapter, maybe another 20 or so for wiring harnesses.

Cons: The ones that are iPod-specific seem to require disconnecting the factory 6-disc changer, so I'd be sacrificing functionality in exchange for the functionality I want. The ones that aren't iPod-specific won't charge the iPod, so it'll still have to sit there in the 12v-adapter cradle, with a cord running from it into the glove box. Which I guess isn't a big deal.

2. Next time I've got the car in for service, see if they can sell me a newer OEM head.

Pros: Probably the easiest way to go. Quick swap of head units, and I've got the aux input.

Cons: More expensive. Maybe something like several hundred bucks, judging by ebay. Maybe more buying a new one from Ford, instead of a used one that someone pried out of his dash without really giving a shit about because he was sticking a Kenwood in there instead. That's a lot to spend on what is still a fairly mediocre head unit.

3. Replace the head unit.

Pro: Probably the most effective way to go.

Cons: Probably the most expensive, too. Also, tricky. Don't want to give up the CD changer, so that limits what I can put in there. I'd like it to be the same size, since I don't want some ugly adapter cradle looking at me. Then there's the problem that actual specs on this factory head don't seem to exist, anywhere. Ford claims 500 watts, but that's a bullshit manufacturer spec. Not only is that peak power rather than RMS, it's also the sum of all the channels, not per channel. And all the channels aren't equal; there are two subs, and I'm sure they get more power than the tweeters do. So how the hell do I pick a head unit that won't blow the factory speakers? Replacing those as well is getting into a ridiculous level of expense just to get an auxiliary input I can hook my iPod up to.

I don't know what the hell I want to do. Opinions are appreciated, particularly from people who have replaced the head unit on their Mustang GT and kept the factory speakers.
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Philly Car Show [20 Feb 2010|02:44pm]

Just a few from the Philly show. Not a whole lot there. We're not talking Detroit or Tokyo or anything special.

We'll start off with the prettiest thing there, and sort of move on from there.


Look at that thing. I'm not even a big Maserati fanboy or anything, but that car right there? Fucking. Gorgeous.

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Dedicated to those of you out in the NE... [10 Feb 2010|04:38pm]

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would you turn down a ferrari califonia??? [11 Jan 2010|10:01pm]


melanie slade did. she said no to this:

to drive this:

sure thing sweetie!

read the story here

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BEST 2010 AUTOS (according to automobile magazine) [10 Jan 2010|02:10pm]

The Best of 2010
Jaguar XF/XFR

Base price range: $52,000-$80,000
When the XF received significant improvements for 2010, including three new V-8 engines, Jaguar was rewarded for making a good thing even better.
The XF/XFR is both a sports car and a luxury touring sedan, and its uncompromising practicality and refreshed performance establish the Jaguar XF as an All-Star. 


Audi S4


Base Price: $46,725
Cheaper than the car it replaces, the sure-footed, all-wheel-drive Audi S4 takes everything from the Audi A4 on which it's based — comfort, safety, and solid build quality — and cranks it up.

Compared with the previous model, the S4 sheds half a second in the 0 to 60 mph run (5.2 seconds with a six speed manual) while managing to increase fuel economy.


Chevrolet Camaro

Base Price Tange: $23,530-$34,595
2009 wasn't a good year for General Motors, but amid all the turmoil there have been glimmers of hope.
One need look no further than the brash, beautiful Chevrolet Camaro — if one can be found on dealer lots, that is — for proof that GM can build great cars. With its old-school charm, the Camaro is a smashing sales success. 

BMW 335d

Base price: $44,725
The BMW 335d is the most important car this year to get lost in the crowd. Going from 0 to 60 mph in six seconds, the 335d is game for hard driving, but its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged diesel six-cylinder also returns subcompact-like fuel economy. There is no other car that combines performance and fuel economy at this level. 

Dodge Ram 1500


Base Price Range: $21,510-$43,550
Dodge engineers created a vehicle that works smarter, drives quieter, uses less fuel, and secures cargo storage better. The Ram sets the standard by living up to the radical idea that the cabin of a $40,000 truck should be as nice as that of a $40,000 car.



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interesting list. thoughts???


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Car headlight question [06 Jan 2010|09:35pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I have a question and I'm not sure where else to post it. I have a black '08 Yaris sedan and I want to get new headlights. I want some that are brighter (the standard ones don't help me see very well in the rain at night) and I also like the look of the blue and extra white lights I've seen on some of the more expensive cars these days. My question is which ones to go w/? I've found Auto Zone's website to be very helpful in showing me some options, but of the 4 (not including the standard bulbs) I'm not sure which bulbs to go with. Any opinions or suggestions here? I would appreciate any and all advice.

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cuz everybody's doin it... [20 Dec 2009|10:29pm]

MY TOP 10 FAVORITE CARS OF THE DECADE (without repeat makers)

#10 - Dodge Viper SRT10
 the viper was my dream car when i was in high school

#9 - Bentley Brooklands
if i absolutely have to own a bentley, its this bitch right here

#8 - Maserati GranTurismo S cause the S makes it super of course!

#7 - Audi A5 yes, not the R8 cause i'm not a lambo fan, and that's what the R8 reminds me of

#6 - Ferrari 599 GTB yup, had to choose the 599 over the F430

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oh dear [17 Dec 2009|11:10pm]



How can James Bond recover the control disk for the dual GoldenEye satellite weapons driving something like this?

Brace yourself. Aston Martin just released more detailed photos of its Cygnet luxury minicar, and it isn’t pretty. In fact, it looks a lot like Toyota’s Euro-based iQ on which it’s based. Jalopnik, which published official photos this morning, writes: “[T]he looks are...umm...well...as these first official images show, the Cygnet is still closely based on the Toyota iQ city car, retaining the same basic body shape and even the same front lights. The front has been given a heavy Aston-style rework, however, complete with trademark grille and even miniature bonnet vents.”

Inside, the Cygnet will feature new colors and higher-quality materials, but retain the iQ’s “instrument pack and architecture,” adds Autocar. And though it has yet to be confirmed, industry analysts believe that it’s also likely to feature the iQ’s 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine.  

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1970 VW Porsche Tapiro [16 Sep 2009|09:35am]


Ring any bells:

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Time for a change... [01 Sep 2009|01:36am]

When I bought my Carrera S Cab off the lot 30 months ago I figured the odds were good that I wouldn't own it a year later. At the time I was treating the 911 as a bit of an experiment. I wasn't certain if I'd enjoy the rear weight bias or if I'd appreciate the quirks of the 911's handling. I figured that within a year I'd know for sure one way or the other if the experiment "took" and I'd either want to get rid of the car or trade it for one that was specced to my precise desires. As so often happens, life intruded, and my 12 month plan stretched out into a 30 month plan. For one thing, I misjudged my eventual love for the slightly goofy dealership option list in my guards red cab. Despite the fact that every Porsche dealer on the planet seems to live in some alternate universe where we all want to buy cars with a bizarro pablum blend of mismatched options, my first Porsche and I got along swimmingly. Doubly so once I took it to a track.
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Welcome to Unique Enterprises.
We look at over a thousand cars a week to purchase

the very few that are clean and priced right. This

way, we can pass the savings onto you and put you

in a good quality vehicle. We are here to give you

the service you desire and the excellence you deserve!



Feel free to call Dean or Felicia at 1-505-832-5106
or e-mail Felicia any questions you may have!

Thank you for your business!

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[24 Jun 2009|12:10am]

Okay, so I finally got my car fixed. What was wrong with now you all who were following along with my progress? Well, it was a coil, not the cat, lol!
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Shoes [23 Jun 2009|06:55pm]

It's time for new tires on the Mustang. The stock ones are Pirelli P235/55ZR17 W-rated all-weathers. I...do not drive at 168 mph. The car's top speed is supposed to be only 143.

These are great tires, but I don't race this car. I do a good amount of highway driving, but I also love working through the gears on twisty roads. Given that, can anyone recommend a replacement tire that won't perform worse on the sort of driving I do, but might perhaps omit Ludicrous Speed capability in favor of being a bit more economical?
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[12 Jun 2009|07:59am]

Okay, so I took my car to the mechanic. He says I don't need a new cat. that the problem is 2 of my 4 cylinders aren't running. He said something about the ignition module and something about something not firing or something. I didn't understand him. But everyone is like, the cat. was red hot then it's clogged. The guy says he won't waste my time and money by putting in something I don't need. Co-workers think he's scamming me because I'm a girl and I don't know anything about cars, that he's taking advantage of me.

Because what he's saying doesn't sound right. He charged my mom $98 an hour on her car. He will not put a new cat. in. They guy didn't even give me a price on how much he charges an hour, he says it depends. So I asked the guy to put my car back together, I said I don't have the money to do what he says he's going to do. So I made an app. at another mechanic who will look at it for cheaper and tell me what's wrong with it.
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Question [04 Jun 2009|01:31am]

Well, I have a '88 Pontiac 6000. Just yesterday i was driving it fine and then stopped at a stop sign. All of the sudden it wasn't going very fast. Now I've had a little issue with it in the past where if I didn't step on the gas it would want to die but that's if I didn't let it heat up for a little bit. And it wanted to die. I pulled off to the side of the road. Every time I started it and didn't press the gas it would die. When I got it going it would take a long time for it to get up to 55mph and if I let off the gas a little it would fall. I'd have a hard time driving it. My friend had me drive it a little. We pulled over and put into park and he had me rev the gas then it started to smoke. He showed me that the catalytic converter was red hot. Now I talked to the closest mechanic and he said it may not be the converter it may be something else. So does anyone know what it could be? I just don't want to be duped by this mechanic and have to pay a lot for something simple. I only chose him because he's the closest to where I live.
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new car question [09 May 2009|08:18pm]

hoping someone out there might know the answer to this. I've called several dealerships and i keep getting different answers. I have a 2008 CRV. IT has an Oil gauge on it. tells me when the oil is at 60% 100% etc etc. I have been taking it in as i was told to by the place i got it every 5,000 miles or so...and Ive noticed this gauge at that mileage is at about 60%. I was out of town and was in that range of needing another oil change, I called a local dealership and they told me that i in fact do not need to bring my car in for service until that little indicator for my oil says 15%. That at 15% it will tell me to go get one...a red light will appear or something. My brother has gone to this particular dealership several times and has felt them to be fairly honest. But i dont want to screw my car up either..any thoughts?
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