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The Hopper-Walken School for Eggplant Studies

Philly Car Show

Just a few from the Philly show. Not a whole lot there. We're not talking Detroit or Tokyo or anything special.

We'll start off with the prettiest thing there, and sort of move on from there.


Look at that thing. I'm not even a big Maserati fanboy or anything, but that car right there? Fucking. Gorgeous.



Here's an old Cadillac concept car, the Cyclone. Look at the back and you'll think "Hey, that's a cool retro look, if they turned that out today they'd sell a bunch." Then you look at the front and realize there's not a chance in hell of it passing pedestrian crash standards.

They don't let you do that no more.

Okay, you know the saying there's too much of a good thing?

I'm Batman.  And I have a midlife crisis.

Tell me that the guys designing that shouldn't have stopped about one six-pack earlier than they did.

No touching

And hey, Nissan? Fuck you. Seriously. That's a damned nice car that you've built, but how about letting people get in the fucking thing? Last year, they had it up on a pedestal. This year, it's down on the floor but it's roped off. Maybe next year they'll let you open a door. This is not some Zonda-esque hypercar that the proles can't be allowed to grease up with their sweaty fingerprints. I really like your car, and maybe if I could get it in and get a sense of the interior and gages, I'd fucking buy one.

Well, probably not. But you never know.
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