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Time for a change...

When I bought my Carrera S Cab off the lot 30 months ago I figured the odds were good that I wouldn't own it a year later. At the time I was treating the 911 as a bit of an experiment. I wasn't certain if I'd enjoy the rear weight bias or if I'd appreciate the quirks of the 911's handling. I figured that within a year I'd know for sure one way or the other if the experiment "took" and I'd either want to get rid of the car or trade it for one that was specced to my precise desires. As so often happens, life intruded, and my 12 month plan stretched out into a 30 month plan. For one thing, I misjudged my eventual love for the slightly goofy dealership option list in my guards red cab. Despite the fact that every Porsche dealer on the planet seems to live in some alternate universe where we all want to buy cars with a bizarro pablum blend of mismatched options, my first Porsche and I got along swimmingly. Doubly so once I took it to a track.

The upsides? In 30 months I put 33,000 street miles (and I worked from home with no commute for most of that time) and another 3,000 track miles on the car. I developed a passion for intentional throttle-lift oversteer. It's been bliss. The downsides? 52% depreciation over those 30 months and I used up enough tires to build a wall the whole way from my house to the pub down the street.

It was a move from Austin to Houston that finally prompted a change, now 18 months delayed from initial projection. Houston humidity conspires to keep the top up on the cabriolet 10 months out of the year. Out on the track I feel like I'm starting to outgrow the convertible's handling. In the green group it fit in well, but as I carve my way through yellow and envision a move to red next year the car looks increasingly out of place. In short, I got wandering eyes for a coupe.

I did all those usual and familiar things which will echo in the mind of any Porsche enthusiast: I vacillated for a few months checking out deals. I wrung my hands over the intractable "double-clutch vs 6 speed" debate which only became more wrenching once I drove a PDK. I had the "Build Your Porsche" web app open all day long on my computer at work, perpetually designing my New Perfect 911™.

Then, disaster struck. The worst peril that can afflict any Porsche enthusiast ever: I drove a GT3 at Texas World Speedway in June. From June until now the path has been as clear as I can imagine.

I ruled out getting on the list for a 2010 GT3. I don't think I want to be on the bleeding edge of centerlock track wheels and optioning one the way I'd want puts it just a little bit past my budget point. I was also dismayed to learn that European Delivery was cancelled, which was another strike. Besides, I plan to run the hell out of the car and maybe dodging the first few years of depreciation makes sense. It's not like I was going to be grooming this car for Concours d'Elegance.

In September I spotted a silver RS at my local dealer while I was getting some work done to my car and was gobsmacked at how reasonable (well, relatively) the price tag was. gt3rsregistry.com revealed a sketchy history but I still I took a shot at a lowball offer on the car. The dealer and I were not able to come to an agreement on price and eventually the car got shuffled off to some other dealership.

Last Saturday my girlfriend and I were trading stories of epic road trips we'd taken. She's a bigger car nut than I am (and a better driver, to boot, which I never cease to appreciate). She was telling me about the Natchez Trace Parkway that she'd driven with her family as a teenager. It's a nice, fun 444 mile long road that runs Southwest out of Nashville and comprises the bulk of the drive between Nashville and our home in Houston. I joked that it would be awesome to buy a GT3 from a dealership near the top of that road and then road trip back.

a few minutes passed...

I googled "Porsche Nashville" and ended up looking at a Black GT3 RS for sale in Nashville that had just arrived on the lot. cars.com hadn't heard about the car - it wasn't in the Porsche Pre-Owned tool - nothing. Options were not quite what I liked, but they were minimal which I did like.

2007 Porsche GT3 RS (side view)

I stewed all weekend...

I called the dealership first thing on Monday morning and learned that they'd just taken the car in trade from a repeat customer for a newer, shinier Porsche. They hadn't even had time to prep the car for sale yet. Over the next three or four days we came to an agreement on price, figured out how to "trade in" my C2S from 800 miles away, and I signed all the paperwork today. This Friday we'll be flying up to Nashville and driving the RS home. I've already got two track days scheduled (Harris Hill Road on the 12th and then Texas World Speedway on 3/4 October). I'm giddy beyond belief. As of this morning, VIN 2837 belongs to me.

I'm a die hard Porsche nut who dreams of RS Americas and 73 RSs five nights a week. I can't believe I'm going to own this thing. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. Will post updates from our road trip home.
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