marjuka (floppyt) wrote in ljcarclub,

new car question

hoping someone out there might know the answer to this. I've called several dealerships and i keep getting different answers. I have a 2008 CRV. IT has an Oil gauge on it. tells me when the oil is at 60% 100% etc etc. I have been taking it in as i was told to by the place i got it every 5,000 miles or so...and Ive noticed this gauge at that mileage is at about 60%. I was out of town and was in that range of needing another oil change, I called a local dealership and they told me that i in fact do not need to bring my car in for service until that little indicator for my oil says 15%. That at 15% it will tell me to go get one...a red light will appear or something. My brother has gone to this particular dealership several times and has felt them to be fairly honest. But i dont want to screw my car up either..any thoughts?
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