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For Sale!

Hey everyone, I know this community is pretty dormant right now, but I figure I could get at least some exposure here.

Since I got a new car (2004 Honda Civic Si Hatchback - only made as a hatch in 04 and 05) I gave my old Escort to my mom, so she's trying to sell her 1992 VW Golf.  Well, actually I'm trying to sell it for her...

She lives in Hampton, VA, works in Norfolk and my parents have a store in Newport News.  For a decent price she MIGHT be able to drive to Richmond, but no guarantees, as my dad's been running the store by himself and probably can't take time off for it.  But like I said, we might be able to work something out.

It's in really good condition, physically, except the hood is delaminating in some spots where she tried to wax it and failed (i think because it started raining or something?).  The interior is pristine except the headliner, which is sagging (but all in one piece, so it could easily be fixed with some spray glue) and the shifter/e-brake console - but that's just from wear and tear of driving it for 17 years.  There's NO rust on it and it's been a DD and grocery-getter for 17 years, except once, when it was driven across the country when we moved from Seattle to NJ.  It's been well-maintained - my mom has never let something go because of expense - if it needed something, she did it.

I posted on VWVortex here:
There are pictures and full disclosure description.

The price is listed as $1500, but we're willing to take $1k if you can pick it up.  Even if you aren't nearby, if you know anyone in the area who is looking to revamp an old classic or who needs a car, let me know.  I really don't want to scrap it, as it's got a great body and a tough-as-nails engine.  It needs new valve seals, but otherwise it runs great, no problems.

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